About CMC

Company Overview
June 13, 1969
Operation Day
Dec. 12, 1973
Capital NT$13,802 Million (USD$ 406 Million)
Capacity 120,000 Units / Two Shift
Products Sedans, RVs, LCVs, Trucks

CMC (China Motor Corporation) was founded in June of 1969 and signed a technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation the following year. The Yang-Mei plant was completed at the end of 1973, establishing the manufacturing base for CMC's future growth. The company has been listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) since March 1991.

Beginning with producing commercial vehicles, CMC is the leader of Taiwan's commercial vehicles manufacturers. While the company's Yang-Mei plant produced less than 300 vehicles per month through 1975, by the year 1983, total output had surpassed the 100,000 unit mark. This was, in part, made possible by our most advanced painting facility in Taiwan. This was as well a prelude to the rapid growth that accompanied Taiwan's emergence as an industrial and economic power.

Since 1987, CMC's revenues began an extended run of double-digit growth, gaining accolades as one of Taiwan's best-managed companies.

In 1993, the company garnered both ISO 9002 certification and the National Quality Award of Taiwan. In 1997, the company also obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification.

The company has invested in China's South East Motor Corporation (SEM) since 1995. Our investment in China gives us access to one of the world's fastest-growing economies, while increased production capacity enables us to develop new models and penetrate foreign markets.

CMC is adept at taking advantage of market opportunities, and promoting fiscal transparency along with a merit-based personnel system that has molded its employees into a cohesive unit. Meanwhile, a cooperative, win-win purchasing system involving the enterprise and its suppliers, has enhanced flexibility and improved quality. Thorough implementation of strategic policy has allowed the company to accurately access markets, and manufacture the right vehicle, at the right time.

Mrs. Vivian Shun-Wen Wu Former Honorary Chairman
Mrs. Vivian Shun-Wen Wu
Mr. Kenneth Yen Former Chairman
Mr. Kenneth, K.T. Yen
Mr. Hsin-Tai Liu Chairman
Mrs. Yen Chen, Li Lien
Mr. Hsin-Tai Liu President
Mr. Chao-Wen Chen

History of CMC
October 2018
Launch of big minor change ALL New Super Veryca (JD/1.5L, Euro 6) to overseas markets
January 2018
Launch of E-Veryca(ECP/Lithium-Ion battery)
August 2017
Launch of minor change Z7(KH13B/KH14B/KH15B) to overseas markets
September 2015
Launch of minor change Z7(KF13B/KF14B/KF15B) to overseas markets
October 2013
Launch of 3.49 tons Leadca Truck
September 2013
Launch of minor change Super Veryca(CP/1.3L, Euro 3) to overseas markets
May 2013
Launch of minor change Z7 to overseas market
September 2012
Lancer Fortis exported to Middle East
February 2012
Lancer iO 1.8L/2.0L was launched
October 2011
Launch of Limited edition of Colt Plus "B+W"
September 2011
Sporty edition of Outlander was launched
October 2010
New Outlander was launched
June 2010
Entered eco industry and launched "e-moving" electric scooter.
October 2009
Awarded "Corporate Social Responsibility Award"for three consecutive years
September 2008
Zinger CKD exported to Vietnam
March 2008
Awarded of the "Happy & Healthy Company Award" byCcommon Health Magazine
December 2007
Launch of minor change GRUNDER.
October 2007
Joint Ventiure company, JFJDA(Fujian Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd), laid its foundation.
October 2007
Awarded of the“Most Admired Corporate in Taiwan”for the 11th times.
August 2007
Awarded for Top of both “Export Amount” and “Export Ratio” for 5 consecutive years by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
August 2007
Launched LANCER FORTIS 2.0L which set up new safety standard in Taiwan market with 7 air bags.
July 2007
Corporated with Chrysler to build light commercial vehicles in Taiwan for Maxico market.
July 2007
Awarded of the "Excellent Energy-saving Enterprise" by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.
May 2007
ZINGER exported to the Phillpines.
March 2007
Launh of COLT PLUS 1.6L.
March 2007
Awarded "Corporate Social Responsibility" 3 times.
March 2007
Launch of full model change CANTER and FUSO trucks.
January 2007
Yang-Mei Plant received the "Special Award of TPM" by JIPM.
January 2007
Hsin-Chu Plant received "Advanced Special Award of TPM Achievement" from JIPM, became the first plant in Taiwan and the 13th globally to receive this award.
January 2007
Extent warranty for all sedans, RVs and light commercial vehicles registered on and after January 1st 2007 to 3 years or 100,000km.
November 2006
Grunder, producing by South East Motor, launched in Mainland China.
October 2006
CMC & Sales system invested over 1.2 billion to build showrooms and workshops and improve quality of service.
October 2006
Having greatest capacity among competitors with third-row seating, SAVRIN 2007 was launched.
July 2006
CMC & Sales system certificated GSP(Good Service Practice) by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan.
April 2006
The first Chrysler Town & Country, technological licensed by DaimlerChrysler, was rolling off the production line.
April 2006
Mitsubishi Motor Corporations formally invested in South East Motor.
February 2006
ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System Certificated by BSI
January 2006
Grunder exported to Philippines that built the first exportation paragon of luxurious sedan in Taiwan.
December 2005
Mitsubishi ZINGER, multi-crossover RV, was launched.
October 2005
Signed with AL MULLA GUOUP, Kuwait, exported and sold Veryca1.2/1.6 & Varica1.2 in Arabian market.
October 2005
Awarded of the “Most Admired Corporate in Taiwan’s Auto Industry” for 10 consecutive years.
August 2005
Awarded for Top of both “Export Amount” and “Export Ratio” for three consecutive years by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
May 2005
The only winner of “Corporation Social Responsibility Award ”in manufacture field .
March 2005
Signed a memorandum of understanding with Daimler Chrysler auto group.
December 2004
GRUNDER was launched.
November 2004
Received final approval from China's government to set up a joint venture to make vans with DaimlerChrysler AG and China's Fu-Jian Motor Industry Group.
November 2004
Hsin Chu Plant received "Special Award for TPM Achievement" from JIPM(Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance) as Taiwan's first plant ever to receive the award.
September 2004
SAVRIN Inspire was launched.
June 2004
New SAVRIN hit the market.
June 2004
SEM Soveran was launched in China.
February 2004
DCVC preparatory office was established.
April 2004
Awarded six awards of "2004 4A Ceremony."
CMC's commercial vehicle TVCF won the golden prize of the 11th 2004 Times International Chinese Advertising Awards (TICAA).
January 2004
Elected as the ninth "2003 Taiwan's Best Managed Company" by Asiamoney Magazine.
December 2003
Hsin-Chu Plant won "Excellent Prize for Excellence in Introducing Labor safety and Sanitation" for the third year by Council of Labor Affairs.
December 2003
Awarded "The Seventh Assessment and Awarding Activity for Significant Group and Person in Improving Indigenous People's Development" by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
November 2003
Yang-Mei Plant won "Excellent Prize of TPM" by JIPM.
October 2002
Special edition of SAVRIN Inspire was launched.
September 2002
Awarded "The Third Wen-Hsin Golden Prize " in honor of sponsoring local art activities by the Cultural Development Council of the Executive Yuan for the fifth consecutive year.
November 2001
Hsin-Chiu Plant awarded "Excellent Prize of TPM" by JIPM, "the 10th Award of the Accredited Corporate in Environmental Protection" by EPA of the Executive Yuan, and "Accredited Corporate of Outstanding in Operating and maintaining the Pollution Prevention and Cure Facilities" by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
October 2001
Received "The 9th Award of Industrial Technology Development" by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
Received "Award of the Best reputation Enterprise in Taiwan Automobile Business" for the sixth consecutive year.
August 2001
Lancer and Space Gear awarded the first place of APEAL in small sedan and mini van respectively by J.D. Power Asia-Pacific.
August 2001
Ranked the first place of Sales Satisfaction Index by J.D. Power Asia-Pacific for the second consecutive years.
October 1999
Received certification of British Standards Institution ISO 9001.
November 1998
Awarded "Taiwan's Most Reputed Benchmark Enterprise of 1998."
July 1997
Received the certificate of R.O.C. ISO 14001 environmental management Systems.
May 1997
Received "Enterprise of outstanding working conditions" by Executive Yuan Council of Labor Affairs.
April 1997
Received the certificate of British Standards Institution ISO 14001 environmental management systems.
October 1996
Won "Award of the Best Reputation Enterprise in Taiwan Automobile Business."
April 1996
Won "Award of the Best Enterprise Image."
March 1994
Received the certificate of British Standards Institution ISO 9002.
October 1993
Won the "National Quality Award" from Ministry of Economic Affairs.
September 1993
Received the certificate of R.O.C. ISO 9002 international quality assurance.


CMC Organization

Brief of Each Plant
Yang-Mei Plant

Function: Manufacture of Sedan/RV/Light Commercial Vehicle
Address: No.618 Sioucai Rd., Yang Mei, Taoyuan 326, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Telephone: 886-3-478-3191
Yang-Mei Plant

Hsin-Chu Plant

Function: Manufacture of Truck/Commercial Vehicle, Assembly of engine/transmission
Address: No.2 Kwan Fu Rd, Hsin Chu Industrial Park, Hu Kou Hsiang, Hsin Chu Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Telephone: 886-3-598-5841
sin-Chu Plant
Yu-Shih Plant

Function: Training Center, Parts Logistic Center, Sales/Service Center
Address: No.3 Chin Lan Rd, Youth Industry Park, Yang Mei , Taoyuan 326, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Telephone: 886-3-464-2151
Yu-Shih Plant

Enterprise Operations
CMC's business operations are guided by the principles expressed in the acronym HIT, which stands for Harmony, Innovation, and Top.

True harmony allows the amicable resolution of problems and issues in a spirit of cooperation, creating a win-win situation. This is much like the interplay of instruments in any fine symphony orchestra. CMC's management strives to conduct its affairs to the benefit of all its constituencies: customers, employees, the government, society, shareowners, and suppliers. This creates a harmonious environment that offers mutual rewards.

Innovation is the active process of invention, discovery, and improvement. It can also viewed as a continuous process of renewal providing a vision and wisdom that transcends transient condition. CMC is forever striving to enhance its existing competitive advantage through conceptual innovation in its product, technology, manufacturing process, management, and services.

Top is the litmus test for quality, much like the athlete who sets his sights on the ultimate goal. CMC expects Top performance in all phases of enterprise operations, strategic planning implementation, and long-term vision. Overall, the top concept benefits Taiwan's whole society.
Enterprise Operations HIT